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About Kids Imagination Discovery Station

Preschools in Greenwood, IN
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Kids Imagination Discovery Station was formed with the intention to provide quality childcare to preschool age children to get them ready for kindergarten. Being a licensed elementary education teacher, I have a passion for children and learning. Preschool age children (3-5 years old) are learning many new skills while starting to become independent.  Learning through play, imagination, and discovery will help your preschooler get kindergarten off to a good educational start.
K.I.D.S. is a curriculum based preschool that is designed to allow children from 3-5 years old to learn at their developmental level, be integrated into a social setting with other children their age to learn how to interact with one another, and most importantly have fun while they are learning. 
*Please click on the image to the left to learn further about the curriculum your child will be participating on while they are in my care.

Tuition Payments

Why in home preschool?

In home based preschool has many benefits to traditional preschool:


* Class sizes are small with no more than 12 children at one time

* More individualized instruction from a licensed elementary teacher

* More flexibility with parent schedules

* Tuition costs are more affordable

* A more family home-like feel rather than institutionalized


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