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Community Service

Gardens for Granny

Gardens for Granny is a fundraiser that will help a grandma in the community to have a beautiful garden to look out to in the Spring and Summer months. Kids Imagination Discovery Station will partner with a business in the area to be able to accomplish this goal. Our preschool will be raising money by saving our extra change to make a CHANGE for someone in the community. We intend on bringing families, children, and the community closer together by promoting positive engagement between us all. The younger generation helping the older generation....WHAT BEAUTIFUL MUSIC that will bring! Please stay tuned for information on our progress as we look to raise $500 for our first goal of the season! If you would like to donate, please click on the link to the right titled GIVE to Gardens for Granny. We appreciate all the help for this great cause.

Monthly Community Service Project

K.I.D.S. will participate in some type of Community Service Project twice a year beginning in September 2020.  We will have Garden's for Granny in the Spring/Summer months and one in the Fall/Winter months that we will vote on as a class. This will be a great way for the children to give back to their community in a positive way while learning.

Garden's for Granny - We had a huge success with this and will continue this for the 2020-2021 Preschool Year. 

Molly Kennedy

Director of K.I.D.S.


671 Greenway Street

Greenwood, IN 46143

317-443-4853 Phone

Collecting CHANGE to make a CHANGE

Beginning in May

K.I.D.S. will be collecting spare CHANGE to put towards our "Gardens for Granny" fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $500 in spare change to CHANGE a garden for a "Granny" in the community.

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